TKO Extracts rich gelato is an Indica of 500mg, they are endow with extracts of concentrated marijuana oil. They are easy to carry around and tactful with great quality and 100% safe. The TKO extract is very powerful and lasting impacts. TKO vape cartridges use premium terpenes and are blende in cold-ethanol distillate. And they come in the form of simple slim black disposable pens, specifically CELL disposable pens. They currently offer four flavors:

So make sure to pace yourself if you are on the side of being a recent new smoker. If you are only just starting to smoke, we advise that you smoke this product slowly or you may experience a headache due to its potency.

Their products are extremely strong because of the high quality of THC and while often companies who provide strong THC vape cartridges have an unpleasant after-taste or create some rough hits; TKO seems to have figured out the secret to the issue. Their high-quality products have provide us with strong smooth flavorful hits that are not follow by bad after-tastes.

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We highly recommend authentic TKO Extracts cartridges, just make sure that you are not buying any fake TKO cartridges, so follow their page or Instagram page to stay up-to-date with the new styles of pens they offer.

We urge you to always compare the product you are buying to what is being offer on their site or social media because people continue to create fake TKO cartridges, selling empty vape cartridges for individuals to fill with their own oils. Since this is occurring it has been report that some “TKO cartridges” have been making people ill, so please confirm the product you are buying is legitimate to avoid consuming chemicals that will make you ill.

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